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2021 Building Trends

2021 Building Trends

Nothing in the history of construction has affected the construction industry like the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. Disruptions in supply chains, the rapid rise of people working from home, and challenges of healthy air quality have shaken the world of building as we once knew it.

However, not all of these unforeseen circumstances arrive with negative consequences. Indeed, massive change heralds a new age of desirable improvements and innovations like no other.

Here we discuss how you can get a jump on fearless 2021 building trends.

SOURCING LOCALLY. Contractors everywhere have been forced into finding alternate suppliers in addition to paying more money for materials. This forces builders to re-evaluate business relationships and take risks on new unions. While this derives an element of risk, it’s an opportunity to source items locally and reduce shipping costs and delays from disrupted global suppliers. Besides, innovative suppliers and contractors will become more flexible in searching for new ways to save money, as well as new methods of sourcing materials closer to home.

OUTDOOR LIVING SPACES. Since many vacations are cancelled and staying at home is encouraged, there will continue to be a significant upsurge in-home recreational building. Homeowners will be looking at building their own outdoor oasis for family leisure. Watch for clients looking to build spacious cedar decks, raised gardens, outdoor gazebos for entertaining, and hot tub and swimming pool areas on the horizon.

DRONES. Remote technology is already being employed on modern commercial job sites. If a task can be completely remotely then why not use it? For example, a contractor can see important visuals with the use of a drone. A drone can provide surveying, safety, and materials information throughout a site. The result can be substantial savings from insurance claims and valuable time saved.

IMPROVED AIR QUALITY. Now that most people are working indoors during a frightening pandemic, the importance of healthy air quality is essential. While challenges with providing healthy air inside buildings is nothing new when it comes to construction, poor air quality during a pandemic can be deadly. Hence, innovative heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) is a concrete trend for 2021.

SAFETY FIRST. In addition to enhanced safety protocols we’ve been subjected to, adjustments have been made to mitigate the spread of COVID in construction. Besides mandatory masks and hand sanitizing, workers will often work separately or in smaller crews. Additional cleaning continues to be required for tools, gloves, and even hard hats. Sharing is discouraged and labeling items with individual names helps keep the spread of the disease minimal. Staggered shift work and smaller groups of workers on job sites at a time are the new rules. An emphasis on confident leadership, teamwork, and cooperation are all integral to making safety a priority on any job site in the year to come.

Regardless of cash flow disruptions and continual changes at every level of construction, the future looks bright and ground-breaking if you embrace the pioneering spirit. When you’re informed about these noteworthy trends, you’re sure to inspire trust and confidence from business associates.

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