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5 Ways to Add Touches of Cedar wood to your Home

5 ways to add touches of cedar to your home
Most builders agree that cedar wood is organically handsome with the inherently lovely scent of nature. This sustainably sourced softwood is also popular with homeowners who want to modernize their homes. Still, if designing a cedar overhang for your front entryway doesn’t go with your current aesthetics, there are other ways to incorporate cedar into your home. Longhouse cedar is locally sourced and renewable. We have five innovative ways to add touches of cedar wood to your home.  
  1. Cedar Fence
  • A new cedar wood fence provides privacy, structure to your property, shade, and a natural sound barrier.
  • Cedar fencing can be left in its natural state or stained any colour to match your home and outbuildings.
  1. Cedar Planters or Shelving
  • Cedar planters overflowing with flowers and greenery blend in perfectly to any home exterior design.
  • Cedar shelving strategically built in below windows around the home offer an excellent place to display your favourite flowers or herb garden.
  1. Cedar Furniture
  • Cedar benches offer well-appointed sitting areas throughout your landscaping.
  • Cedar furniture on your deck gives friends and family a stylish place to take in views. Further, Adirondack chairs and side tables can accentuate other wood touches around the home.
  1. Cedar Deck
  • Cedar blends in exquisitely with natural surroundings. A cedar deck offers a pleasing atmosphere to relax and entertain in your outdoor living space.
  • Cedar decking boards come in a variety of grades that provide a distinct look to each individual deck. Cedar boards can also be ordered pre-finished.
  • A cedar deck will increase the value of your property while providing durable deck enjoyment for decades with regular maintenance.
  1. Cedar Screen
  • Well-appointed cedar screens offer privacy and a backdrop for landscape lighting.
  • A cedar screen can also provide visual interest, texture, and shade to your home.
  Homeowners needn’t commit to a home constructed entirely of cedar wood. Highlighting your home with cedar is a great way to infuse your living space with the warmth and beauty of natural wood. Fortunately, there are several superb ways to add a touch of cedar to your home. Increase curb appeal and modernize the appearance of your home. Contact Longhouse Specialty Forest Products today, 1-250-248-5887. We’re here to help you connect your home to the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest with fresh touches of cedar wood.