How to Achieve a Modern House Design

Our homes are our safe havens shared with loved ones, and beautiful modern home design is something many homeowners aspire to attain. Trends come and go but modern design has staying power. Indeed, who wouldn’t want large expanses of windows with natural light filtering in and an invitingly open floor layout?


How to Achieve a Modern House Design

What’s confusing is some people believe modern equals contemporary or traditional. However, regarding home planning it basically refers to a design fixed on minimal form and function. For example, open living spaces, earthy hues, and natural materials such as cedar and stone are all vital to a modern living space.


Achieving modern-day building style is effortless when you bear in mind the individual elements of design.



To begin with, a modern floor plan is more symmetrical and intentional than traditional floor plans that were somewhat haphazard and not as well thought-out. Modern floor plans are open and flow sensibly from one room to the next.

Further keep in mind that modern architecture embraces clean lines with minimal embellishment.


Modern home design connects the indoor living space with the outdoors. After considering your local climate and landscape, think about implementing an organic garden, indoor trees, sliding exterior walls, and a spacious deck.

Longhouse Specialty Forest Products specializes in only the highest quality timbers and delivers cedar wood decking, a popular choice in modern home design, in several custom profiles. Lustrous Douglas Fir post and beam is also a sophisticated material used to accentuate a modern home.


Warm, earthy tones are often an integral characteristic of modern home projects. For the interior or exterior of the home, natural cedar wood, including rich Western Red Cedar, can be delivered pre-stained in the colour of your choosing by Longhouse.


Consider how even the smallest details affect the overall look of a home. Energy efficient windows and modern cupboard hardware are timeless design features.


Thoughtfully planned homes often include a focal point for family gatherings and leisure. For instance, a modern cedar deck incorporates an outdoor kitchen, hot tub spa area, or even a soothing water feature.


Eliminate busy wallpaper, old fashioned small tiles, carpet, and slender strips of wood—major design elements in traditional schemes. Instead, opt for wide plank Douglas Fir flooring—ideal for high traffic areas with a fresh, organic grain.

If renovating, simply replacing old paneled doors with sleeker designs and hardware provides a straightforward update.


Architects respect ‘vernacular’ designs, otherwise known as local trends, and that applies to West Coast style. Coastal homes incorporate the warm, natural beauty of Cedar siding, a prime choice in modern design. Cedar creates a gorgeous design aesthetic as decking, eaves, fascia, siding, and soffits.


Large floor plans and basic square design make up a modern look. Also plan for larger windows to let more natural light inside and enhanced outdoor views from the inside.


A flat roof is another indicator of modern house design, in addition to simplified eaves and other streamlined roofing materials.


Natural looking textures incorporate the warmth of nature into your modern home. Cedar wood is available in visually smooth or knotty textures, distinctively natural characteristics. Douglas Fir plank flooring also provides a vibrant, natural feel to modern living spaces.


How to Achieve a Modern House Design

Indisputably, a modern house is built with sustainable, natural materials that are recyclable and renewable. In achieving modern home design, consideration must also go into installing efficient heating and cooling systems, and of course, energy efficient appliances and lighting.


Longhouse is the perfect place to source the popular Cedar and Douglas Fir wood required for your built-to-last modern home. Renewable and Forest Stewardship Council certified, and therefore, sustainable, these natural materials are ideal in designing your modern sanctuary. As well, Longhouse specializes in custom cut Western Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar, and Douglas Fir. We’re here to assist you in planning your luxurious new living space that will surely provide years of pleasure and satisfaction ahead.