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How to Choose the Right Wood Siding Installer

In the art and science of architectural aesthetics, few elements carry the natural charm and rustic elegance the wood siding offers. Its artful interplay between shadows and grains and the harmony it strikes with its surroundings make wood siding a cherished choice for homeowners. 

However, the journey toward realizing the perfect wood siding requires the knowledge of a skilled and experienced installer. In this article, we will explain a practical guide you can follow if you want to choose the right wood siding installer.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wood Siding Installer

Below are some essential factors you need to consider to choose the right wood-siding installer.

  • Research siding companies

When hiring a wood siding installer, avoiding the temptation of falling for just a random or flashy ad is important. Instead, you should exercise patience as you carry out thorough research. 

Delve beyond the surface and try to go as far as reaching out to trusted secondary sources like Consumer Reports. These kinds of sources are known for their impartiality. 

Whatever you do, you need to make sure you only seek out contractors with a local legacy spanning no less than five years. You should also ensure to figure out the kind of reputation the contractors has for themselves. 

Are so many people giving positive reports about them? Are they receiving a lot of negative reports? You need to consider all of these.

While at it, you should also find out how much experience the contractor has. Contractors with more experience are likely to offer good results.

However, this may not always be the case. This is why you also need to research their competencies. Look at their portfolios and discern if the qualities of what you see there align with your aspirations. 

  • Seek referrals and recommendations

You can ask your friends, family, and neighbors for advice. Neighbors are good because you can see their home’s siding. Family and friends might tell you how easy a company was to work with and if they were professional. If you’re worried about bad online reviews, talk to past customers to hear about their experiences.

Talking to people you know who recently got new siding is a smart way to learn about contractors. They can share how the company did and notice problems that aren’t easy to find online.

  • Verifying licenses and insurance before signing a contract

Before you lock in a deal, take a moment to ensure things are up and up. Licenses? Check. Insurance? Double-check. These aren’t just pieces of paper – they’re your security.

Licensed folks have the know-how to meet rules and keep things safe. Every state has different rules, but most say that siding installers need a license. This makes sure they’re up to snuff with codes and safety.

How to check? Ask them for proof of insurance. Then, be like a detective: go to the state or local government sites. Look up their license number. It’s like tracking footprints in the sand.

Remember, safety isn’t just words. It’s actions. So, play smart: compare quotes from different licensed and insured folks. Safety comes first and deals second.

  • Consider warranty and after-sales support

Don’t forget to ask about the warranty stuff. If the materials go wonky or the work isn’t quite right, what then? Check how long it lasts and what it covers. 

You can discuss it with the company or worker you pick BEFORE they start. Also, don’t hesitate to ask questions. 

You want a team that sticks by you. See if they’re all in for making you happy. That’s the game plan.

  • Choose siding contractors who know their stuff

Pick a contractor who’s comfortable with the siding you’re into. They should also guide you on what’s best for your gig. Consider if they get the deal between cedar and vinyl and which one’s boss in different spots. No dilly-dallying – they understand what brands and types fit your groove. 

That’s the kind of know-how you’re after.

  • Evaluate experience and expertise

Think of it like hiring someone for your crew. Figure out how long the siding team’s been at it. Is it a long-timer with decades of smarts? 

But you should also consider newbies; even newbies can be winners. Some fresh faces are gold mines of good work and cozy vibes.

Look at their skills with different siding types and styles. Take a look at the highlight of their previous projects. What kind of jobs is their jam? 

Like, you’re matching puzzle pieces. So, make sure their expertise clicks with your project’s puzzle. That’s how you fit the right pieces together.


Qualities of an Experienced Wood Siding Installer

You can consider the tips below if you are looking for other ways to identify an experienced and skilled wood-siding installer.

So, generally, a seasoned wood siding expert:

  • Can give solid references from past clients.
  • Takes time to grasp your style and vision.
  • Tackles challenges with solutions that satisfy all.
  • Knows water deflection, drainage, and gaps.
  • Masters level and plumb, even on old structures.
  • Understands wood’s movements for smart installations.
  • Deals with vertical siding hurdles.
  • Handles different patterns and directions.
  • Nails skillfully, by hand or gun.
  • Understands wood mill patterns and sealing needs.
  • Sorts planks by color and size, creating harmony.
  • Balances wood tones for a smooth, uniform finish.   



As you find the right installer for your wood siding, let Longhouse Cedar be your partner in crafting a story of elegance and durability that adorns your home. Explore our expertise at and let your wood siding dreams find their perfect home.