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Short- and Long-Term Benefits of a Cedar Deck

Summer is here and outdoor living is slightly different this year. With our governments urging us to physical distance and the COVID-19 pandemic, many have changed the way we live at home. To be sure, the time has never been better to assemble a home oasis and install a strong deck foundation. However, there are many different deck materials and designs to choose from. Cedar decks remain a popular choice because no manufactured product can compare to the longevity and natural beauty of cedar. But there are numerous other benefits to a cedar deck. To help homeowners decide for themselves, here is a breakdown of the short- and long-term benefits of a stunning cedar deck.


Affordability: During these turbulent times, budget may be top of mind for many homeowners. Fortunately, cedar decking is an affordable wood. Although it isn’t the least expensive deck material, its multiple benefits make it a wise investment now and in the future. Instant Beauty: Man-made deck materials cannot compete with the natural splendor of cedar. If you and your family are going to be spending a great deal of time outside around the home, you’ll want it to be a beautiful space. Cedar maintains robust, consistent tones that can be sanded and stained any colour to match your design. Families can enjoy your beautiful outdoor living space immediately with gorgeous cedar wood underfoot.  Versatility: Western Red Cedar, sourced on BC’s West Coast, is pitch- and resin-free, making it ideal for accepting and holding diverse stains, colours, and finishes. Cedar also offers a stunning array of dimensions, textures, and grades. With a little hard work, you’ll soon be enjoying the natural attractiveness of cedar in your outdoor space.


Durability: Cedar tends to last much longer than other decking materials. A durable wood that naturally resists rot, decay, and insect infestations, cedar also resists moisture absorption. This also means it doesn’t warp or split easily.  Longevity: Cedar has been used in decking and housing for a long time because it lasts. Proper maintenance (sanding and re-staining) only makes it last longer. Therefore, cedar makes an model deck material that can last 15-20 years with proper upkeep. Eco-Friendly: Most wood is environmentally superior to synthetically manufactured deck materials. Not only is West Coast cedar renewable and biodegradable, but it’s produced from sustainably managed forests.  Resiliency: Wet coastal weather is well-tolerated by cedar decking. Luckily, Longhouse provides custom cut cedar decking in Yellow or Western Red Cedar that withstands the elements.  Sweet Scents: The earthy, sweet scent of cedar wood oil helps to keep insects away. Therefore, cedar decking is perfect for incorporating a hot tub or sauna. Long-term Value: A home with a well-designed cedar deck holds its long-term value for a home sale down the road. The experts at Longhouse Specialty Forest Products recognize and understand the characteristics of building with cedar. We’re happy to help you select the best type of cedar decking for your local summer escape.