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How to Weather Cedar Siding Naturally

Cedar siding is a timeless testament to the beauty of nature’s craftsmanship. Its rich aroma and warm, earthy tones have captivated many for generations. However, as the years pass, even the most stunning cedar siding can lose its vibrant luster and transform into a silvery-gray patina. This gradual transformation is driven by the forces of weather and time, imparting a distinctive character to cedar siding.

While some people love to wait for the Cedar to weather by itself over time, others prefer to weather it themselves. So in this article, we will explore the art of weathering cedar siding naturally so that it shines gracefully without compromising its structural integrity. 


How to Make Cedar Grey by Staining it

One option for those seeking to instill their cedar siding with a weathered appearance involves using semi-transparent stains in a charming driftwood gray hue. Although these stains won’t weather the cedar over time, they do provide a simulated weathered wood look. 

While undeniably beautiful, some may find that it falls short of the authentic charm exuded by naturally weathered cedar. So for those truly yearning for genuine weathered cedar, you may want to seek alternative methods.

How Long Does it Take to Weather Cedar Siding?

The natural weathering process of cedar siding is a patient journey that evolves over its entire lifespan. To develop a uniform, silvery-gray patina, many years may be required. You should also keep in mind that the environment plays a significant role. Coastal or mountainous locations, arid or wet climates, and sun or shade exposure all tend to influence the pace of weathering. 

Aside from that, you must carry out regular maintenance, especially when opting for natural weathering. Cleaning the siding annually promotes a more even weathering process. It helps to resolve dark spots, and it harmonizes the graying effect. 

Remember, cedar siding with an air space behind it, such as siding installed on furring strips, is ideal for facilitating proper moisture evaporation during the aging process. While leaving cedar siding unfinished is possible, it necessitates diligent care and attention to maintain its charm. 

By staying committed to proper cleaning and vigilant upkeep, you can truly savor the natural weathering process of your cedar siding, as it gracefully unfolds through the passage of time.


How to Care For Cedar Siding

Maintaining the allure of your beloved cedar siding demands a few simple yet crucial steps. 

  • Begin by hosing down the surface to remove loose dirt. 
  • Next, scrub with an oxygen bleach solution. Ensure to rinse the surface thoroughly.
  • To condition the cedar and achieve consistent wood tones, follow up with an oxalic acid wash. 
  • Just like car enthusiasts meticulously inspect their prized possessions, regularly examine your cedar siding for dark spots or issues. Don’t delay addressing any concerns; swift action prevents potential nightmares. 
  • Spot-cleaning with oxygen bleach effectively maintains its lustrous appeal, safeguarding the timeless beauty of your cedar siding.


Should I Weather my Cedar Siding Naturally?

Customers have experienced success with both bleaching stains and semi-transparent stains in driftwood gray. While we offer these factory pre-finish options, many yearn for the captivating patina of naturally weathered cedar. 

Embrace it! Stay attentive to minor issues and address them promptly. As a quick tip, an annual cleaning with oxygen bleach ensures a harmonious graying process. 

It helps preserve the enchanting patina for countless years to come. You can trust the beauty of natural weathering for your cedar siding.


Do Both Red Cedar and White Cedar Shingles Turn Gray?

When treated with bleaching stain, red and white cedar shingles, and shakes will gracefully transform into a lovely shade of gray over time. However, it’s important to note that white cedar shingles tend to acquire a slightly lighter gray hue compared to their red cedar counterparts. 

Remember that each variety will bestow its distinct allure upon your siding.



Whether you choose to embrace the slow transformation to a silvery-gray patina or opt for factory pre-finished options, LonghouseCedar has you covered. When you purchase from us, you can rest assured that your cedar siding will be a captivating masterpiece.

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