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Is Cedarwood Good for Outdoors?

When it comes to outdoor living, one can’t help but wonder about the wonders of nature and how we can make the most of it. As a homeowner who loves exterior wood structuring, choosing materials for your outdoor spaces can greatly impact your overall experience. 

Cedarwood, with its rustic charm and unique properties, often finds itself in the spotlight as a popular choice. But is cedar wood really good for the great outdoors? 

In this article, we’ll explore the qualities of cedar wood and its suitability for various outdoor applications.  


Is Cedar Wood Truly Good for Outdoor Use?

Yes, Cedar is an excellent choice for outdoor applications. It naturally resists rot, decay, and pests while withstanding weather changes. Its durability and rustic charm make it a preferred option for decks, furniture, and fences. 

You can extend a Cedar wood’s lifespan and preserve its color with routine maintenance. Due to all of these properties, Cedarwood proves to be a reliable wood for outdoor use.


Why is Cedar Good for Outdoors?

Cedar is renowned for its exceptional durability and natural beauty. This reputation has made it popular for outdoor projects like furniture and fencing. 

Now, let’s uncover the compelling reasons behind Cedar’s excellence in outdoor applications.

  • Cedar wood is naturally beautiful

Cedar wood’s naturally stunning beauty plays a key role in its outdoor popularity. This wood has a richly textured grain with warm, captivating hues. 

More often than not, the Western Red Cedar exudes a reddish-brown allure, while other varieties shine with a creamy white charm. This innate beauty makes cedar ideal for outdoor furniture, decking, and architectural accents. 

As time passes, cedar gracefully weathers to a unique silver-grey patina which also, in its way, enhances the character of your outdoor spaces. 

For outdoor furniture, aesthetics are paramount, and cedar’s beauty, whether in the faint reddish tinge of Western Red Cedar or the creamy elegance of white cedar, effortlessly leaves a lasting impression. 

The combination of its awesome variety of colors and straight wood grain pattern makes a wood that homeowners adore.

  • Cedarwood ages gracefully

One remarkable aspect of cedarwood is its ability to mature gracefully over time – a trait that’s highly sought after for outdoor furniture. As the years pass, cedar gradually transforms into a striking silver or grey patina while retaining its initial beauty. 

Even the vibrant red hues of cedar furniture gently fade to reveal a sophisticated grey or silver finish as it ages. This unique characteristic makes cedar furniture a perfect match for homes with a white exterior. 

It often adds a touch of elegance to the garden and patio settings. 

So, not only does cedar excel in longevity, but it also ages with a timeless charm. This makes it an ideal choice for outdoor use.

  • It naturally repels bugs and insects

Cedar wood possesses a remarkable ability to naturally repel bugs and insects. This is one of the reasons why it is a wise choice for outdoor use. 

The Cedar wood’s resistance stems from natural oils within its grains. These natural oils protect against rot and decay and act as a deterrent for insects. 

The oils create an environment that most pests find inhospitable. Cedar’s natural oils are so effective that they are sometimes used in pesticides and essential oils to fend off pests like fleas, ticks, and moths. 

This means your cedar structures can withstand insect-related damage and endure the test of time without extensive treatments. Cedars are excellent guardians against bugs and insects.

  • Cedar offers excellent moisture resistance

Cedar is remarkably resistant to moisture. Its moisture-resistant capability is a standout feature that makes it an ideal outdoor choice. 

It can maintain its structure in the face of humidity and ever-changing climates. The Cedar wood is also highly resistant to warping and sagging. 

Unlike some other woods, cedar doesn’t readily absorb water, so it can mitigate the risk of swelling and distortion. This quality is especially advantageous in regions with high precipitation cases. 

The Cedar wood’s grain also serves as a natural means of insulation. Its tiny air pockets fortify its resistant capability against warping and expansion. 

  • It resists weather elements

Cedar’s exceptional resistance to weather elements is one of the standout features that makes it an excellent choice for outdoor applications. This wood naturally combats the harsh effects of sunshine, humid climates, rain, and UV light that can take a toll on outdoor furniture. 

The natural UV-protectant chemicals within cedar safeguard it from fading when exposed to direct sunlight. Furthermore, thanks to its natural oils, cedar’s innate resistance to moisture, decay, and insect damage makes it an ideal material for outdoor use.

This weather-resistant quality ensures that cedar wood remains a sturdy and attractive for decking, fencing, and garden furniture, even when confronted with the harshest outdoor conditions. 

  • Cedar is easy to maintain

When it comes to outdoor materials, easy maintenance is a significant consideration, and cedar excels in this regard. Thanks to its inherent durability and resistance to decay, cedar demands less upkeep than many other wood types. 

To keep your cedar structures and furniture in top shape, all that’s needed is for you to occasionally clean it with a gentle cloth and mild detergent. While cedar isn’t without its minor drawbacks, its benefits far outweigh its disadvantages for most outdoor applications. 

Cedar’s natural properties and timeless beauty make it a reliable and attractive choice for your outdoor projects. It is undoubtedly a wise choice for crafting decks, pergolas, and stunning outdoor furniture.

Any Cedar furniture will offer you the advantage of minimal maintenance with its inherent wear resistance, ability to retain natural colors, and resistance to dents and splits even under substantial stress.



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