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Custom Wood Accents for your home: Adding Warmth and Character with Western Red Cedar

It goes without saying that a house with charm and coziness is a sight to behold. To achieve this look in your interior decor, you can easily turn to custom wood accents. 

They are one of the best ways to achieve that chic interior look, and if you are looking for a type to use, Western Red Cedar is the ideal wood. Aside from adding a touch of natural beauty to your home, this wood also offers incredibly durable benefits. 

That being said, the options for using Western Red Cedar in your home’s design are endless. This is why this article will provide you with what you need to know about designing your home with custom wood accents. 

What is Western Red Cedar?

The Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) is a type of tree locally found in the western region of North America and Canada. This tree is quite huge, with a diameter of about 8 feet.

It can get tall enough to reach heights of 230 feet. The size is not the only exceptional thing about this wood; its incredible durability and natural beauty makes it a highly sought-after tree wood.

Types of Western Red Cedar

There are different types of Western Red Cedar wood, each of which has its unique properties. Here are some of the most common ones.

  • Clear Cedar: This type of Western Red Cedar has no knots or blemishes. It is, therefore, majorly admired for its neat and uniform appearance.
  • Knotty Cedar: As its name suggests, this type of Western red Cedar has a lot of knots and blemishes. However, instead of these qualities appearing as flaws, they make this wood give off a rustic charm that adds an eccentric beauty to your home. 
  • Rough Cedar: Rough Cedar is a roughly textured type of wood. Its rough surface gives it a very natural look.
  • Smooth Cedar: Smooth Cedar is a smooth wood with a very polished surface. If you intend to use paint for your decoration, this wood is a good fit because of its smooth surface. 

Incorporating Western Red Cedar into Home Design

Below are some ways to incorporate Western Red Cedar into your home design.

  • Custom paneling

Paneling can add a warm, cabin-like feel to walls or ceilings, and Western Red Cedar is perfect for this task. Any room in the house can benefit from the warmth and texture of Western Red Cedar paneling. The wood’s warm color and distinctive grain pattern give it a warm feel with a rustic charm effect. 

  • Ceiling beams

A ceiling beam constructed with Western Red Cedar can create a striking focal point in any space. Western Red Cedar woods are a popular option for exposed beams in living rooms, kitchens, and dining areas due to their natural beauty and durability. Besides, you can paint beams made with Western Red Cedar if you want them to match other wood accents in the room. If not, you can also leave them with their natural look.

  • Trim work

A trim work made of Western Red Cedar can give doors, windows, and baseboards a polished look. Any room with the Western Red Cedar trim can benefit from the wood’s warm color and distinctive grain pattern.  Additionally, you can leave the wood to grace your interior with its natural look, or you can paint it to match the color scheme of your room. 

  • Furniture

Pieces of furniture built with Western Red Cedar woods can give any room they occupy a hint of rustic charm. Moreover, the natural beauty and toughness of the Western Red Cedar wood make it an excellent material for building furniture. Benches, tables, chairs, etc., made with Western red Cedar wood, are often beautiful and durable.  

  • Outdoor accents

You can also use Western Red Cedar for decking, pergolas, and other outdoor accents. This wood is suitable for outdoor structures due to its inherent resistance to insects and decay. Additionally, outdoor accents made with Western Red Cedar can add an extra cozy and rustic feel to your backyard or garden. 

How to Maintain Western Red Cedar

Proper care and maintenance allow you to use the Western Red Cedar material for years and retain its beauty. Here are some tips on how to do that.

  • Cleaning

If you want to keep the Western Red Cedar in its top shape for years, it is important to clean it regularly. Use a soft material to remove dirt and dust from the wood’s surface constantly.

  • Painting and sealing

Ensure to occasionally paint and seal Western Red Cedar to protect the wood from moisture and UV deterioration. In addition, painting the wood also helps to enhance its natural color of the wood. 

When you want to paint the wood, choose a premium paint that works well on Western Red Cedar.

  • Preventing insect infestations

Even though Western Red Cedar is naturally insect-resistant, taking precautions to avoid infestations is still crucial. For best results, keep the wood dry and well-ventilated. 

If you want to get rid of any insect damage you’ve noticed, such as small holes or sawdust, get the help of a reputable pest control service.



Western Red Cedar can bring a touch of rustic charm to any space. Some ways you can use the Western Red Cedar include paneling, ceiling beams, trim work, furniture, and outdoor wood accents. 

Longhouse offers a variety of customizable options to meet your needs for quality Western Red Cedar products. Contact us to learn how to start incorporating Western Red Cedar into your home design.