How to Inspect and Maintain Your Cedar Exteriors This Fall

Considering installing cedar siding on your home?

Cedar siding is a popular choice for homeowners who want a natural and rustic look for their homes. Here are some things to consider before installing cedar siding:

Cost: Cedar siding is generally more expensive than other siding materials, such as vinyl or fiber cement.

Maintenance: Cedar siding requires regular maintenance, including cleaning, staining, and sealing, to protect against rot and insects.

Durability: Cedar is a durable wood, but it is not immune to damage from weather and pests. It is important to choose high-quality cedar and have it properly installed to ensure longevity.

Appearance: Cedar siding can add natural beauty and warmth to your home’s exterior. However, it may not be the best choice if you want a modern or contemporary look.

Environmental impact: Cedar is a renewable resource, but the production and transportation of the wood can have an environmental impact. It is important to choose cedar that is responsibly harvested.

Installation: Cedar siding installation requires special techniques to ensure proper ventilation and drainage. It is important to hire an experienced siding contractor who has worked with cedar before.

Insurance: Some insurance companies may charge higher premiums for homes with cedar siding due to the potential for fire damage.

Overall, cedar siding can be a beautiful and durable choice for your home, but it is important to carefully consider the cost, maintenance, and environmental impact before making a decision. Make sure to work with a reputable siding contractor who can help you choose the right type of cedar and properly install it to ensure longevity and performance.