Siding: Hardie Board vs Cedar Plank


Choosing which type of siding to use for your home can be a difficult decision. Siding prices are constantly fluctuating, making it difficult to know if one material is more affordable than another without doing proper research. However, the rising trend to return to something more natural like Cedar Plank has been gaining momentum, showing that it’s great for more than just closets.

Hardie Board plank is known as a cement board siding and has been around for quite some time. This affordable alternative to the real thing comes in a variety of colours and textures. Some of its more famous pros include: longevity, appearance, fire resistance and storm resistance. Cedar, on the other hand, as a low density softwood, can definitely give Hardie Plank a run for its money.

Hardie Board is known to be rot and insect resistant and can even handle salt spray from the ocean. But did you know that the natural oils in Cedar make it the best and cheapest form of pest control for your home. Not only is it a deterrent to rodents, it also keeps many species of insects and ants away. And although Hardie Board can be made to resemble Cedar, nothing beats the warm sweet smell of Cedar oil.

The noise abatement and insulating factors attributed to Cedar are a benefit when compared to many manmade materials. The open cell structure in Cedar means less heat is transported through the wood, keeping heat from escaping in the winter and the cool air from escaping in the summer. Similarly, as it reduces heat flow, it creates a natural acoustic barrier. And although some of the features we’ve mentioned already make Cedar a great choice as opposed to Hardie Board, most people choose Cedar Plank because of its style.

For many of us, our busy lifestyles often reduce our choices down to the subject of maintenance. There’s no point going all out if it’s going to take a lot of time and energy to maintain. Both Hardie Board and Cedar Plank can be painted a desired colour, although most who choose Cedar prefer it in its natural state with a great stain. And as Cedar ages, it adds great character to your home. And because of its natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, you can leave it untreated without worry of excess warping, rotting and cracking. So far, regardless of your choice, basic maintenance for either will be about the same in regards to cleaning and occasional re-painting or staining.

Honestly, nowadays, when it comes to getting the most value for your investment, it almost seems hard not to side (pun intended) with Cedar Plank. It’s a durable, natural product which has been used for hundreds, if not thousands of years in home construction. There is basic maintenance which is no different than many of the other options on the market, but you get the added natural benefits of cedar wood oil as an insect repellent, its natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, a natural acoustic barrier, and it smells great. But if you’re ever unsure as to the best product to choose, always seek out a professional for expert advice to ensure that you choose the right product for your needs.

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