Why Builders on the West Coast Love Cedar Sidewall Shingles


Western Red Cedar siding adorns countless West Coast buildings and homes. Specifically, cedar sidewall shingles remain an exceptional siding choice of builders for the exteriors of new and old projects. Providing an effortlessly timeless look for decades to come, buying FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)® certified Western Red Cedar shingles adds beauty and textural appeal everywhere they’re installed, making it ideal for coastal builds.

Cedar sidewall shingles are an excellent choice for premium building and housing exteriors for a number of reasons. First, cedar is an inherently enduring softwood that remains resilient to the elements whether treated or untreated. Second, cedar shingles are further naturally resistant to mildew and rot, cracking and shrinkage. Third, cedar shingles enhance insulation qualities in the building or home, thereby increasing heat retention as well.

While applying a finish to the cedar shingle promotes a longer life overall, proper regular care may also extend the life of the material. Cedar sidewall shingles are for sale from Longhouse Specialty Forest Products in pre-stained, untreated, or even painted the colour of your choosing. The fact that untreated cedar siding is totally eco-friendly is a primary benefit as well. Cedar shingles come in No. 1 (Blue label) and in No. 2 (Red label) grades from Longhouse. They’re also all available in high grade clears.

Pre-staining the cedar shingles preserves the grain and also gives the individual more design choices to choose from. Purchasing pre-stained cedar shingles from Longhouse also results in savings of roughly 65% versus paying a labourer to apply it at the building site.

Furthermore, with cedar sidewall shingles, builders choose the face that appeals the best to them and install it facing the outside of the wall. Alternatively, machine-grooved shingles are installed with the grooves facing the outside of the building.

Another appealing factor is the excellent selection of finishes obtainable with cedar siding. It can be left untreated in its natural state, or it can be covered with a clear coat by Longhouse. It can also be painted and comes available in red or white. Many builders choose untreated cedar sidewall shingles for a greener, cleaner environment.

Installation is also straight forward. Basic materials that builders require are stainless steel nails or staples and latex caulking.

Genuine FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)® certified cedar shingles originate in naturally distinctive sizes, grains, and colours. This attractive design cannot be replicated with other sidewall options. Builders know best and let the luxury and natural beauty of cedar sidewall shingles enhance their coastal builds. For more details, contact Brian Jenkins, Owner/Operator at Longhouse toll-free at 1-800-811-2010.