Creating an Active Setting in Your Home with Cedar

The great thing about building with natural materials, especially Cedar, is that they can be used both outside and inside the home. Cedar is probably one of the most popular home building materials for not only its durability and resistance to rot and decay, but its natural oils also act as an insect repellant for many types of insects. Timelessly stylish, using Cedar in your home can bring a radiant warmth to any space.

Creating an active setting in your home is a way of visually telling a story in each area of your home. Think of each room in your home as a stage and the type of story you’d like to tell your guests when they enter your home. Many people get trapped in the same trap of white walls, bland furniture and general confusion as to what to do with their space. Using Cedar in the interior design of your home, or if you’re looking to renovate, whether you choose the dark Western Red Cedar or a more golden variety, you  can create a dramatic, warm and elegant setting, exuding character and enhancing mood.


Floor, ceiling and countertop accents are the perfect way to bring any kitchen to life like this Laurentian ski lodge perched on a former ski hill in Quebec. The metal appliances and white walls and cabinetry create such a cold façade, making the warmth of the Cedar highlights that much more attractive and inviting to the space.


Even in reverse, with the Cedar cabinetry and the cooler countertops you can achieve a modern, clean look which is still inviting and soothing.



Depending on your decorating style, the living room can be a great place to really add character and create a setting to exude a touch of outdoor masculinity with the relaxing harmonies of the outdoors. How about some recycled Cedar for a more antique or rustic look.


If you prefer a more modern look, liven up plain white walls with some Cedar beam accents and trim along the floors to help create more dimension to an otherwise open space. An easy and less expensive way to renovate and create added value and warmth to your space.



Much like the kitchen, we can see how adding those subtle hints of warmth with a darker Cedar can really bring to life something as boring as a hallway. The scent of Red Cedar would go a long way, allowing the calming smells to float freely throughout the home.


If you’re hallway is big enough, or perhaps you have enough room to create a secluded nook, just adding some Cedar paneling goes a long way. Throw in some warm accents to your décor and you’ve created more value to your home by efficiently using space people don’t normally think to use.



It’s surprising what a difference just changing your headboard can make to the atmosphere of your bedroom. Even something as simple as this design with some light accents can help to add a detail of style and setting to invoke restful nights.


If you have the time, money and space, don’t be afraid to experiment with different shapes and patterns like this arid inspired look make with reclaimed wood. It’s amazing how just accenting one wall or even the floor and roof can bring a room to life and express a sense of relaxation and comfort.



Yes, even the bathroom deserves a little makeover. If you have a small space, changing up your cabinetry can really go a long way to warm up bathroom. This look would go great with some matching Cedar panels on the roof. Inviting, modern and clean, your bathroom just gained a whole lot more attitude.


If you have more space in your bathroom, and perhaps prefer something more traditional, adding Cedar paneling creates the allusion of country charm and the soothing enchantment of nature to an otherwise forgotten part of your home. It won’t be long before you find yourself spending more time in here than you thought possible.