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Longhouse Company & Industry Update


Nothing in our history has affected the construction industry like the ongoing pandemic. Frustrating disruptions in supply chains and the rapidly rising costs of construction materials have turned the world of building upside down.


However, not all of these unforeseen circumstances arrive with negative outcomes. In fact, great change heralds a new age of necessary improvements and innovations like no other.


Longhouse Specialty Forest Products is a family owned and operated business dedicated to sustainable logging practices since 1985. Husband and wife team Brian and Moila Jenkins bring well over 3 decades of experience, not to mention over a century of ancestral millwork practice, to the quality control and manufacturing process of their custom wood products.


Generally, Moila says the industry trend for employing lumber products has grown tremendously over the last 5 years. Indeed, the ‘Go-Green’ movement within the market has inspired builders and homeowners to use more wood products in construction.


Furthermore, thanks to the pandemic, prices for lumber have never been higher and supply has never been shorter. The Jenkins believe that companies that require large amounts of fibre may not survive but companies who specialize will thrive.


Without a doubt, the Jenkins note that demand for Cedar in all grades is up, but customers require high grade specifically custom milled for their projects worldwide.


Longhouse expertly specializes in Vancouver Island Douglas Fir, custom cut Yellow Cedar decking, a variety of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)® certified Western Red Cedar siding, in addition to many other custom, pre-finished products. All specialty products are harvested, milled, and finished at their Vancouver Island facility. In fact, the team has Coastal softwood knowledge second to none.


Moreover, Longhouse Specialty Forest Products is a member in good standing with the Canada Green Building Council, the Greater Vancouver Home Building Association, the South Island Woodlot Association, as well as the Victoria Residential Building Association.


Customers can get in touch with Longhouse by email at info@longhousecedar.com or by phone at 250-248-5887 or toll free at 1-800-811-2010. Operations are located at 860 Sohier Road in beautiful Parksville, BC.