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Douglas Fir

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Vancouver Island Coastal Douglas Fir

Prized for its weight-to-strength ratio, coastal Douglas Fir is widely used in heavy duty construction applications. Longhouse Specialty Forest Products uses this durable fibre to manufacturer its structural products such as timbers and beams. The distinctive straight grain and natural lustre from Douglas Fir make it perfect for all construction applications. Longhouse Specialty Forest Products is able to manufacture large scale coastal Douglas Fir products from sustainably sourced old growth Vancouver Island Douglas Fir.


Wide Plank Solid Flooring

A bold statement in any home, the dynamic grain of wide plank solid Douglas Fir is unlike any other flooring on the market. The resilient, tough nature of Douglas Fir make it the perfect material for high traffic residential and commercial applications.

Solid Fir Beams

Common in heritage buildings on the West coast, Douglas Fir is used for residential and industrial buildings for its natural load bearing properties. Douglas Fir beams are a perfect focal point for any room, and can be worked into the structural design of any new building. Available in many head turning finishes, and also fire treated with our class A non-toxic retardant for commercial properties.


Timbers up to 44' in length

Shaped in our beautiful corner of the world, every coastal Vancouver Island tree is unique. Timbers are the perfect way to show off the beautiful natural curves carved by the elements. Showcase these focal pieces both indoors and out.