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Specializing in Custom Cut and Stained Cedar
  • Cedar Vs. Redwood for Decking or Fencing

    7 Styles of Cedar Siding

    The straight grain in Cedar makes it a very stable wood when turned into siding. Being slightly harder than other softwoods, Cedar comes with a host of benefits when...

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  • western red cedar

    How Our Cedar Products Are Environmentally Sustainable

    Professionals in the construction industry choose cedar wood as their building material of choice for several reasons. Not only is it breathtakingly beautiful in the home, but cedar blends...

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  • 44-Awesome-Backyard-Patio-Deck-Ideas

    Deck the Home

    Most islanders take advantage of their outdoor space as much as possible year-round. Instead of viewing the deck as a separate entity.

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  • beach-deck-dock-247447

    Ten Benefits of a Cedar Deck

    The major ingredient of building a new deck is deciding which decking material to use. While every building material has its pros and cons, you should ideally select the...

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