western red cedar

How Our Cedar Products Are Environmentally Sustainable

Professionals in the construction industry choose cedar wood as their building material of choice for several reasons. Not only is it breathtakingly beautiful in the home, but cedar blends in perfectly with nature and provides a warmth and timelessness that’s hard to resist. However, a key reason why homeowners opt for cedar siding and decking is simply because of its sustainability.

10 reasons why cedar wood products are environmentally friendly:

1. Sustainable cedar forests are managed here in the Pacific Northwest. Your wood products purchased from Longhouse do not need to travel far to get to your project, making a significantly reduced carbon footprint in shipping.
2. The cedar wood products from Longhouse are environmentally friendly due in part to our commitment to sustainable forest products. We have upheld the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)® certification by the Rainforest Alliance for nearly 15 years since 2007.
3. Longhouse won the ‘Manufacturer/Supplier of the Year’ from the Vancouver Island Construction Association (VICA) in both 2019 and 2020. Industrial, commercial, and institutional industry professionals comprise the panel of judges for this prestigious award. Our cedar siding was used in the construction of the eye-popping Pacific Centre Family Services Association building in Victoria, for which we won the 2020 award. Experts appreciate our variety of locally sourced FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)® certified cedar siding.
4. We are also a member of the Canada Green Building Council. The mission of this council is to transform building for a sustainable future. Cedar wood plays a big part in our company’s advocacy for greener builds.
5. Furthermore, our company belongs to the Living Building Challenge Foundation and Passive House Canada. We are committed to building and planning affordable, energy-efficient cedar homes.
6. Western Red and Yellow Cedar leave behind a reduced environmental impact for future generations since it is fully recyclable. Old cedar can be cleaned, painted and re-stained for new projects, keeping it out of our landfills. Planks can be repurposed and reclaimed for use in fencing, garden benches, birdhouses, planters, and more.
7. Consumers can rest easy knowing cedar breaks down naturally unlike other types of building material. Biodegradable untreated cedar absorbs back into the earth without leaking harmful toxins.
8. A bonus with cedar is its natural insulation characteristics that reduce homeowners heating and cooling costs. At the same time, it puts less of a burden on our power grid, thus demonstrating its eco-friendly powers once again.
9. The manufacture of cedar wood leaves less of an environmental impact. Fewer toxins and greenhouse gases are emitted in its production than other man-made siding materials. Consequently, air and water quality are not as negatively affected in its manufacture.
10. Trees are a renewable resource, unlike most man-made materials. According to the BC Government website, approximately 218 million seedlings on average are planted each year in British Columbia alone.

Take a significant step toward making the earth, the animals, and your spirit happy with cedar purchased directly from our mill here on Vancouver Island. Take positive action toward leaving a brighter future ahead for upcoming generations.
Longhouse Specialty Forest Products is your local source for cedar wood. Located in Parksville, British Columbia, we’re here to help your stunning new cedar build come to life. Your satisfaction makes our team happy.