Cedar Wood Spring Projects

Spring has sprung and the time has come for some fun and doable DIY cedar projects! Cedar wood not only adds warmth and natural beauty to your surroundings, but is naturally resistant to insects, water, and decay.

Typically used for outdoor wood furniture and decking, we’ve used our imagination and creativity to come up with more exciting cedar wood spring projects that are sure to impress your friends and family.



A cedar bench strategically placed in your outdoor landscaping provides additional seating and interest. Armed with power tools and cedar timber, this is an excellent project for the home handy person. You can stain it any colour or leave it to wear naturally in the elements.



For a more complex but truly fun project, creating a cedar birdhouse brings out the childhood imagination in everyone. You can make it artsy, minimalist, craftsman-style, or anything else you can come up with. Painting it is half the fun and you can get the kids involved as well.



On the more ambitious and pricey side is a new cedar wood overhang build for your front entryway. Install stunning cedar posts accented with natural stone and your home façade will pop and impress every time you drive up.



Most people are looking for additional table space to place stacks of summer reads, drinks, and snacks. Build an attractive cedar patio table for a table top you’ll love to look at for years to come.



A cedar pergola placed over a garden pathway makes a stunning feature for any backyard. Build it as an archway or gazebo style. Every time you walk through, you’ll feel you’ve arrived in your own private sanctuary.



Not just your plain old cedar box of yesterday, DIYers can really get inventive with building cedar planters. You can design cedar window planters, a self-watering planter for your vegetable garden when you go away for a few days, lined planters, or a large planter box to showcase all your colourful potted flowers. The sky is the limit on the style of cedar planter you make, in addition to the countless colours you can stain the finished project.



A cedar privacy screen blends in seamlessly with natural surroundings. Building a cedar screen offers the perfect solution to homeowners desiring privacy and a more intimate space in their backyards.



A cedar garden built up from the ground can be a back saver. Cedar is sturdy and this project is easy for the beginner DIYer. A raised cedar wood garden can be used for growing your own organic herbs, fresh vegetables, or adding colourful flowers to your outdoor living space. Make one with wheels and you can cart it anywhere on your deck, around your yard, or outside your front door for easy access.



A freestanding cedar tool shed makes storing and accessing your outdoor tools a breeze. You can add a door and create loads of space for all your landscaping items. Make it as big or as small as you prefer.



A garden trellis is an attractive point of interest in your backyard. Affordable and fairly easy to construct, a lattice trellis can also provide privacy when strategically placed in a garden or patio area. The time you take to cut and assemble the trellis will be well worth the curb appeal it adds to your home. And with decay-resistant cedar, you can depend on it lasting.



A portable cedar umbrella table adds style and function to your outdoors. Here is the solution for homeowners looking to add some shade on deck or poolside hot spots. Build a stable cedar base and pop in your favourite deck umbrella. Just beware your neighbours may be asking you to build one for them as well!



Bring the warmth of wood to the interior of your living space. Cedar is versatile and can be made into all types of wall shelving. You can leave the back open and hammer a cool cut-out design, such as mountain peaks, or install a backing for stacks of books.



For the DIY expert looking for a more challenging task, a cedar wishing well may be the ideal option. A well-designed wishing well overflowing with flora and fauna is a great focal point for any garden.



Fortunately, these projects are also budget friendly. An online search or visit to your local hardware store should help you uncover the how-to videos and building techniques you need to get started.

Longhouse Specialty Forest Products has the right cedar for your DIY job. Our cedar specialists are here to make your DIY plans come to fruition.