Elegant Accents

Cedar trees are inherently beautiful and grow abundantly on BC’s West Coast. While undeniably a versatile softwood for modern building and renovations, there are countless ways cedar wood is being incorporated in design features. Both designers and homeowners are beginning to feature elegant cedar accents in new and old builds.


But first, Yellow and Western Red Cedar from Longhouse have a number of familiar uses:

Common Cedar Uses & Features 

  • Traditional wood gables over entryways 
  • Attractive cedar fencing panels
  • Aromatic chests and closets
  • Interior paneling
  • Park boardwalks
  • Planters
  • Wood beams


Cedar products are further highlighted in awe-inspiring contemporary design as well.


Modern Cedar Accents, Uses & Features 

  • Silvery grey West Coast style beach houses (unstained cedar left to age naturally)
  • Drop channel diagonal or vertical cedar wood siding
  • Other cedar siding designs, such as board & batten or tongue & groove 
  • Warm wood siding paired with cool stainless-steel windows
  • Mixed glass and cedar wood walls
  • Mixed vertical and horizontal installed wood siding 
  • Classic, rustic knotty Western Red Cedar siding
  • Cedar mixed with stone and steel materials for contemporary projects
  • Cedar deck furniture
  • Exterior and interior cedar beams 
  • Raised cedar box garden beds
  • Dark stained cedar (ie. Charcoal Grey) siding and decking 
  • Sophisticated wood farmhouse renovations
  • Cedar clad roof with skylights
  • Stylish wood window shutters
  • Pre-stained cedar window frames
  • Pre-stained cedar front door
  • Privacy cedar panels installed around home exterior and landscaping
  • Outdoor or indoor cedar sauna


People have always been attracted to the rustic allure and versatile characteristics of Western Red Cedar. Innovative Northwest Coast Indigenous cultures used cedar to make baskets, canoes, totems, and medicines. They made cedar popular because it is not prone to cracking and therefore pliable, and also repels insects. Certainly, homeowners needn’t commit to designing a building entirely with cedar, but there are countless design accents that can highlight cedar beautifully in any home scheme. 

Cedar adds a natural warmth and outdoor charm to any build, making it a popular building selection for designers and homeowners alike. Moreover, cedar wood presents a natural warmth that cannot be imitated by other materials. Our dedicated professionals at Longhouse Specialty Forest Products can help you plan for your next project. We also ship our custom cut Yellow and Western Red Cedar products worldwide.