Why You Should Use Cedar Shake for Siding

Nothing beats the beautiful rustic exterior of a home with Cedar shake siding. With so many newer more modern options many forget that unfinished Cedar wall shingles can easily last 50 years. And you can get even longer life with the right installation techniques. And if you’re looking for something which will give a long, maintenance-free life, then this is definitely what you’ve been searching for.


Unlike siding, when Cedar shingles are installed correctly, any one spot on the wall may be three layers thick. Making sure they’re installed over a drainage mat or dimpled plastic sheet not only helps to prolong shingle lifespan, but it helps to hold the shingles away from wall sheathing so water can drain out

This low-density softwood has an open cell structure, unlike other siding materials. It’s a terrific insulator. And because of the density, less heat is transported through the wood, which means less heat escaping your home during the winter, and less cool air escaping during the summer. The layer of the shingles also helps to create a natural acoustic barrier which is great if you live in the city near a high traffic area.


But let’s be honest, most people don’t choose Cedar shake for all of its fabulous durable properties, but it’s style. Cedar shake or Cedar shingles do come in a variety of stains and textures. The natural look it offers blends well with your environment. There is a spectrum of patterns and styles including bevel, board and batten, channel, tongue and groove, and wavy edge bevel. In its unstained, unfinished natural state it offers a textured, grainy wood with a subtle aroma. But if you need a little colour in your life, you always have the option to paint it.


Sometimes maintenance can be a huge deal breaker when it comes to choosing which siding or shingles are best for your home. Maintenance is the equivalent to be told by your parents to clean your room when you’re perfectly happy with how everything looks. The great thing about Cedar is that it has natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, which mean you can leave the wood untreated without worry of warping, rotting, or cracking. However staining or painting won’t detract from these natural properties. However, the natural weathered appearance it attains over time is often a most desired look to attain. Which just proves its timelessness and durability. If you like the stained look you will need to re-stain or re-paint on a semi-annual basis.


Just like any other shingle or siding, basic maintenance will always be required. Like any other exterior, you’ll greatly expand the lifespan if you annually pressure wash it. Just be sure not to turn up the pressure too high or you could strip and damage the Cedar. Whether you own your own pressure washer or you rent one from your local hardware store, it’s probably the only major part of maintenance you’ll need to do other than checking for any loose or damage shingles from natural weather occurrences.

This long-lasting and attractive building material is available in a shake shingles or siding in our Coastal Western Red Cedar. Use it as an accent piece or cover your entire project. Whether you’re going for traditional rustic or sleek and modern, you’ll be find the beauty of Coastal Western Red Cedar provides an eye catching natural design aesthetic.

Our cedar products are all sustainably sourced from here on Vancouver Island. With our decades of experience in the forestry product industry and numerous accolades, Longhouse can provide the products and the know-how to turn your dream project into a reality. Call us toll-free at 1-800-811-2010 or email us at to find out more about the products and services we can provide for you.