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All About Coastal Douglas Fir

Our forest products company is fortunate to be able to manufacture coastal Douglas Fir products from sustainably sourced old growth forests here on the island. Native to the Pacific Northwest, Douglas Fir trees are a popular fir species for both residential and small commercial builds. This type of wood is also favoured by builders for industrial and multi-level structures, as well as bridges. The softwood can be discovered growing across Vancouver Island, along the southern mainland Coast, and throughout southern British Columbia. Typically, a Douglas Fir can survive for more than 750 years. They can potentially grow up to 85 meters high on the Coast. No doubt about it, this softwood possesses numerous virtues that make it the ideal wood for constructing buildings and furniture. Coastal Douglas Fir boasts a number of excellent features and functions.
  • Aesthetically beautiful for luxurious, modern builds
  • Douglas Fir lumber inspires carpenters and woodworkers with its straight, fine-grain, tight knots, and light yellow to reddish brown colour
  • The logs may be cut to expose the characteristic grain pattern that looks fantastic in interior woodwork, such as wide plank floors and cabinetry
  • Left unstained, Douglas Fir easily accepts varnish to showcase its natural colour and grain
  • This type of wood is the highest rated of all North American softwoods in both stiffness and strength-to-weight ratio
  • In addition, this fir species is qualified for structures that require the ability to withstand strong winds and earthquakes
  • The stiffness of this wood makes it superb for solid flooring
  • Fir is also a good choice for building top quality window and door frames
  • Resists corrosion; therefore, terrific for containers
  • Receives adhesives easily; when combined with its strength, Douglas Fir is perfect for the manufacture of glue-laminated products
  • Effortlessly takes a smooth coat of paint or varnish since the wood has few resins
  • Stains well
  • The natural grain of the wood grips nails and screws without splitting
  • Because of its coarse texture, Fir is ideal for working with sharp power tools as opposed to hand tools
  • The soft grain of Douglas Fir can be carved with intricate patterns with ease
  • Retains its size and shape without cracking or shrinking as the softwood is seasoned; therefore, it may be nailed green and allowed to season in place
  • Durable and strong, Douglas Fir wood is particularly resistant to decay
  • Relatively low in weight compared to its strength
  • Ideal for post and beam design
  • Can support heavy loads; therefore, ideal for heavy construction
  • Locally sourced
Now you can see why builders love to build with Douglas Fir. Please get in touch with our experienced professionals at Longhouse Specialty Forest Products for further information on building with this naturally stunning softwood.