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The Best Timber for Outdoor Use: Garden Furniture, Benches, Tables & More

If you plan on lounging on your terrace or literally doing anything outdoors, you’ll need a few pieces of furniture. While it’s easy to just grab any wooden chair and use it outdoors, it’s not the best option. Any furniture you’ll use outdoors must be strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions and potential pest attacks. Termites are known for munching any wood in their path, rodents and other outdoor critters are known for ransacking and scratching, and there’s the issue of rust and gradual degradation thanks to the changes in weather. So, while you can pull up a chair or table from your kitchen or anywhere indoors, you should know that these chairs aren’t designed to handle tough outdoor conditions. In the same vein, you can’t just buy anything you see in the market.

Top 5 Types of Wood for Outdoor Furniture?

An outdoor piece of furniture is only as good as the material used in creating it. Since wood is the common material for outdoor furniture such as benches, chairs, tables, and more, you must use only the best timber. Whether you’re creating your outdoor furniture by yourself or buying from a local store, it’s the timber that determines the durability of your outdoor furniture. The right outdoor timber must be strong, stable, and resistant to scratch, insects, and rot. Here are five types of wood you should consider for outdoor use and garden furniture:

1.     Oak

Oak is one of the best types of wood for building heavy wooden structures. In fact, oak is best known for its use as structural timber, and it’s all thanks to its durability. Oak is packed with high-performing qualities such as being extremely strong and durable, it’s resistant to tear and harsh conditions, and it’s a choice timber in terms of beauty and style.

As a hardwood, oak is perfect for building outdoor furniture that will stand the test of time, weather, and style. Oak furniture doesn’t require much in terms of storage and maintenance treatment. A simple coating of the wood with a sealing agent would keep it strong and dry irrespective of the harsh weather. Although the price for oak furniture can be intimidating, it saves you maintenance and polishing cost.

2.     Cedar

Cedar is generally classified as a softwood; however, it has promising qualities that are fitting for outdoor furniture. Besides its natural resistance to rot and insect attack, cedar comes in various types, such as the Western Red Cedar and Alaskan Yellow Cedar, which are durable. The mere fact that cedar is used for building outdoor decks and window sidings shows that it’s a great choice that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

The great thing about cedar being a durable softwood is that it’s lightweight – a great advantage for outdoor furniture you’ll have to move around, e.g., tables and chairs for outdoor parties. Cedar is easy to work with, so you can create or modify your furniture. Moreover, cedar doesn’t need constant treatment and is within the affordable price range.

3.     Iroko

The iroko is an African hardwood that packs a lot of strength and resistance to rot and insect attack. It’s an excellent choice for outdoor furniture thanks to its scratch-resistant nature – it can withstand rough and heavy impact.

The iroko has a beautiful exterior and a naturally high oil content that helps maintain its overall shine. This means that you won’t need extra polishing for iroko-made furniture. Just like the oak, the iroko doesn’t require constant maintenance treatment or special storage. While it’s a luxury hardwood, the iroko is affordable.

4.     Acacia

Acacia is easily available, making it one of the most affordable timber ideal for outdoor furniture. As a hardwood, acacia is thick and strong and high in oil. As such, it’s resistant to rot and insect attack. Although acacia is weather resistant, it tends to absorb moisture. So, it’s advisable to give it a protective sealing treatment to prevent moisture absorption. You can comfortably work with acacia and can also maintain it without stress.

5.     Ironbark

The ironbark is ideal for outdoor furniture thanks to its raw strength and resistance to insect attack and rot. As such, it requires little maintenance. This hardwood is commonly found in Queensland and falls within the spectrum of affordable hardwood. Aesthetically, it has a dark exterior which is great for lovers of dark and naturally occurring tones.

Like the oak, the ironbark is one of the strongest timber that can be used to craft sturdy buildings and furniture. It can conveniently withstand harsh weather conditions, rough usage, and heavy impact without cracking. Due to its raw strength, it’s often tough to work with, but that’s what makes it ideal.

Get the Best Outdoor Furniture Today

There are lots of strong and classy timber to craft amazing outdoor furniture. With the right tools, timber, design, and budget, you can create long-lasting outdoor furniture that’ll also save you money on maintenance.

At Longhouse Cedar, we have the expertise and experience to craft the best outdoor furniture you need. Whether you have a unique design in mind or a limited budget, we can provide you with amazing garden furniture, benches, chairs, and tables that’ll stand the test of time and class.