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At Longhouse Cedar, we provide wholesale cedar lumber, shingles, siding, roofing, outdoor construction, closets, and cedar siding worldwide. Western red cedar lumber is a top option for domestic projects like a house. It is extremely adaptable and may be utilized for many construction tasks. It’s crucial to choose the best company for your job.

When choosing a cedar siding supplier, a seasoned distributor is whom you should choose. At Longhouse Cedar, we have the ideal choice for you, whether you’re building a deck or need a piece of fragrant cedar wood for your house. We are involved in more than 14,000 projects worldwide, and our company works with some of the most accomplished professionals in the construction and design industries. Our custom millwork is completed at our production facility, and we sell directly, offering contractors savings.

Let’s examine some reasons why you might want to replace your siding and shingles.


Why You Need New Shingles and Siding For Your Home

When it comes to houses, the exterior should be addressed. This may result in cracked siding or shingles that need replacing. It is important to know when to consider replacing your shingles and siding because a new roof could help protect your home. A new roof can last for decades, which is why it is a good investment. If you are considering replacing your roof, consider getting an inspection done on your home to see if any other areas of your home need attention.

Replacing the siding not only gives your home a new look but will also help make it more energy efficient. When you replace the siding and roof on your house, you will also be able to keep your home much warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

The western red cedar siding is beautiful and long-lasting. Its affordability makes it a desirable choice for homeowners on a tight budget. Western red cedar is often put in horizontal rows to increase structural stability and provide a tighter seal against the house. Additionally, western red cedar has a dark brown color that can give the fa├žade of your house more depth.


Why New Cedar Decking May Be Needed on a House

A new deck in your home is something that everyone should consider. A decking project can make a great addition to your home’s exterior. With the right materials and skills, it is easy to transform your outdoor living space into a dream outdoor oasis.

If the deck on your home is getting dated, you might consider replacing it with new decking. In addition to being more aesthetically pleasing, this will also help the deck last longer. This is because you can choose the wood that won’t decay or be damaged as quickly as the old one. For example, you can use cedar decking to replace worn-out decking.

Why New Cedar Fascia and Soffits May Be Needed on a House

Fascia is the term for a tough but flexible tissue that covers the outside of a house. It’s a thin sheet of material that attaches to the house’s exterior and forms a waterproof seal. Soffits are the upper part of the fascia that extends over the roof. Over time, these materials can become damaged and need to be replaced. When the fascia is damaged, water can penetrate and cause wood rot.

A fascia is typically made of wood and covered in various decorative patterns or designs. To get the best results with your new fascia, make sure that you use high-quality longhouse cedar wood and choose a pattern that complements your home’s architecture.


Why New Douglas Fir May Be Needed on a House

Douglas fir is needed on houses because it is durable and has a warm texture. It’s also resistant to rot, decay, and insects, making it great for various uses. You can use it as a wood floor, exterior siding, or primary construction material. You can even use it as firewood. The best part about Douglas fir is that it is a renewable resource.


Why Choose Longhouse Cedar as Your Supplier

For all of your cedar roofing, siding, and shingling needs, contact Longhouse Cedar. We have various cedar products available for your projects, such as cedar shingles, siding, decks, fascia, and soffits.

At Longhouse Cedar, the consumer always wins, thanks to our affordable prices and high-caliber products. Our family-run company has provided cedar siding and shakes to more than 14,000 happy customers for over 35 years.


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Purchasing siding, roofing, and shingle supplies from a cedar siding supplier has several advantages. At Longhouse Cedar, we value your time and money, which is why we provide exceptional customer service and knowledgeable guidance. Please get in touch with us or ask for a free quote if you want to order cedar lumber or any of our other cedar goods. Please call us at 1-250-248-5887 if you have any urgent inquiries, or send us an email.