A Comparison Of Cedar Varieties For Exterior Use Projects

The Benefits of Building with Douglas Fir

It’s one of the most beloved materials of builders – and for good reasons. Douglas fir is a versatile, strong, and reliable construction material with plenty of benefits to offer those who want to build something that will last for generations. Whether you’re looking for an aesthetically-pleasing wood or something extremely durable, Douglas fir might be just what you need to get your project off the ground.


Whether you need to build patio furniture or decking for your backyard oasis or embark on a much larger construction project, Douglas fir has the strength and aesthetic appeal you need to get the job done right. Important factors like these make Douglas Fir an ideal material for countless indoor and outdoor renovations. Keep reading to learn more about why building with Douglas fir is an excellent choice.


Weight Bearing Features and Durability

The Douglas Fir is perfectly designed for strength and stability when used in construction. It’s strong enough to support up to 18kg per square foot, making it ideal for framing a house or other building projects. Its strength increases with the addition of metal connectors, enabling higher stresses to be applied safely with the confidence of durability over time.


The Douglas Fir’s distinctive ridges make it easy to work with and add an appealing natural finish. Its tensioning qualities also make it ideal for truss rafters which can resist wind uplift and provide structural integrity for high-stress areas along rooftops. Furthermore, its immunity to splitting gives a protective barrier that allows it to endure extreme weather conditions.

With its reasonable price point and year-round availability, Douglas Fir is an excellent choice for commercial, residential, industrial, and multi-story construction projects.


Decorative Accents

Douglas Fir wood gets much attention for its durability and practicality, but it is also beautiful.

Its lumber, a distinctive reddish color that darkens with age, is often used for structural beams, boards, planks, and trusses in construction projects. In addition to its structural capabilities, it can also be used as beautiful decorative accents to add texture, coloration, and dimension to any room. It works especially well in contemporary designs thanks to its modern lines and sleek aesthetic. With ample exposure to wood grain patterns, lively knots, gloss finishes, or vintage colors such as sage green or mink brown, it’s easy to find the perfect piece of Douglas fir for any interior or exterior design project.


Due to its uniquely porous grain pattern, staining Douglas Fir can be tricky. We recommend getting your wood pre-finished and pre-stained. By doing this, you’ll cut down on your expenses and installation time. Longhouse Cedar will often work with clients to pre-finish and pre-stain products to protect and preserve the wood from moisture, the sun’s UV rays, insects, mildew, and fungus.


Outdoor Use

Douglas fir wood is one of the most popular, versatile options when it comes to outdoor projects. Renowned for its incredible weather-resistant properties, Douglas fir wood has an impressive natural ability to resist rot and other damage from moisture, offering a fantastic solution for outdoor structures like fencing, decking, posts, and siding. It’s sturdy, practical, and aesthetically pleasing; Douglas fir wood has a lovely light brown color with a red tinge, providing an elegant touch to any yard or garden. When properly sealed and maintained with the right products, this strong yet supple material will remain resilient in the face of whatever nature throws its way, lasting many years and continuing to look beautiful over time.


At Longhouse Cedar, our clients count on us to help them create a special ambiance with all-natural wood sourced here in BC. We regularly provide timbers and custom-cut forest products such as siding, decking, soffits, fascia, and more for home builders, commercial construction companies, and architectural firms to complete projects of all shapes and sizes.


Contact us if you have questions about working Douglas Fir into your next project or want to talk with an expert. We would love to help create a custom look and feel for your home or site.