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Longhouse Company & Industry Update

Nothing in our history has affected the construction industry like the ongoing pandemic. Frustrating disruptions in supply chains and the rapidly rising costs of construction materials have turned the world of building upside down. However, not all of these unforeseen circumstances arrive with negative outcomes. In fact, great change heralds ...
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Customization is Key

Innovative home builders and designers are motivated to create a distinctive design that optimizes energy efficiency and style. Planning a new home is exciting and there are countless details to contemplate. However, the advantage is that you have the opportunity to choose the elements to incorporate into the overall design ...
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How to Extend Deck Season

Nothing beats deck season, but here in Canada it tends to be short and sweet. Spring typically arrives too late and Winter too early. So how do you get the most out of your outdoor living space and extend deck season?  Well, it’s easier than you think. All you have ...
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When do I need to Replace my Cedar Shingles?

Cedar roofs are a stunning feature of many West Coast homes. Cedar shingles are durable and can last decades if well-maintained. In fact, one of the cost-effective benefits of cedar roofing is when it comes to repairs—missing shingles can easily be replaced with new ones. Undoubtedly, this is more affordable ...
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From Coast to Coast

Cedar trees grow lush and large on Vancouver Island, where visitors come from all over the world to enjoy their natural beauty. Undoubtedly, the smell of an old growth cedar forest is a sensual experience for the eyes and nose. From coast to coast, Canada has two recognized types of ...
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