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exterios for winter

Getting Your Cedar Exteriors Ready For Winter

With the fall fast coming to an end, the winds grow colder, and in time, snow will begin to fall. Winter is coming, and your outdoor cedar furniture and structures had better be prepared. Winter is a harsh climate, especially for furniture and structures made with softwood - cedar. This ...
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best decking materials

The Best Decking Materials for Homes in BC

Before building a new deck, you must know the suitable decking materials. As a rule, every outdoor structure has to be strong enough to survive the fluctuating weather. Besides being weather resistant, your decking has to stand the test of time. Except if you do not mind having an ugly-looking ...
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mainatain wood in your garden

How to Maintain the Wood Structures in Your Garden

Wood is an excellent choice for building structures in your garden. Besides the fact that it saves costs, it's also eco-friendly. But then, wood has two great nemesis - moisture and insect attack. Since your garden structure will stay outdoors across all seasons, there's a chance that the wood will ...
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timber for outdoor use

The Best Timber for Outdoor Use: Garden Furniture, Benches, Tables & More

If you plan on lounging on your terrace or literally doing anything outdoors, you'll need a few pieces of furniture. While it's easy to just grab any wooden chair and use it outdoors, it's not the best option. Any furniture you'll use outdoors must be strong enough to withstand harsh ...
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remove wood stain

How to Remove Wood Stain from Cedar Siding

One of the best finishes for cedar siding is applying wood stain. Besides being shiny and transparent, wood stain protects cedar siding from weathering. But you can only enjoy the shiny and protective layer of wood stain for as long as it lasts. When aging comes, it'll be a whole ...
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