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The Growing Popularity of Commercial Cedar Siding

Cedar Siding is often associated with use in residential homes due its durability, versatility and appearance, along with its warm tones, alluring scent and numerous other benefits. However, when we think of a commercial space we often think of strictly utilitarian materials - cement, stone, and drab colours devoid of ...
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How to Design a Luxurious Outdoor Deck

It's the middle of summer on the West Coast, and that means one thing - deck season. Now is the time to create your ideal outdoor living space and get back to basking in the great outdoors. But where to begin? Designing the perfect outdoor deck for your family and ...
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Fire-Retardant-Treated-Wood longhouse

Benefits of Using Fire-Retardant Treated Wood

Wood has been the main construction material of choice for thousands of years. Sturdy, visually appealing and readily available, it’s no wonder architects and builders love to craft sensational structures with wood. However as we all know wood is a very flammable material. This is especially problematic with drier and ...
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pre stained cedar siding and decking benefits

The Benefits of Pre-Stained Cedar Siding and Decking

When it comes to deciding on whether to choose a pre-stained cedar siding or decking for their project, many people often prefer decking based on up-front costs alone. This isn't always the best course of action though, as there are many added benefits to using pre-stained cedar for your project ...
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Building Stronger With Kiln Dried Douglas Fir

Native to the Pacific Northwest, Douglas Fir is one of the strongest North American softwoods. Its qualities make it one of the first choice for contractors to use for such things as framing for buildings, bridges and railroad ties as its ideal for structures that need to withstand high winds ...
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