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Specializing in Custom Cut and Stained Cedar

Why You Should Use Cedar Shake for Siding

Nothing beats the beautiful rustic exterior of a home with Cedar shake siding. With so many newer more modern options many forget that unfinished Cedar wall shingles can easily last 50 years. And you can get even longer life with the right installation techniques. And if you’re looking for something ...
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uses of wood in landscaping

Uses of Wood in Landscaping

Wood has been a mainstay in landscaped gardens for centuries. Often used to outline borders and create raised beds, wood provides structure in the garden and a framework for flowers and other plants to shine. Unlike other materials like metal or plastic, wood has a natural appearance that adds to ...
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western red cedar

How Our Cedar Products Are Environmentally Sustainable

Professionals in the construction industry choose cedar wood as their building material of choice for several reasons. Not only is it breathtakingly beautiful in the home, but cedar blends in perfectly with nature and provides a warmth and timelessness that’s hard to resist. However, a key reason why homeowners opt ...
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Longhouse award 2019

Longhouse Forest Products Awarded Manufacturer/Supplier of the Year 2020 by the Vancouver Island Construction Association

Longhouse Forest Products has been awarded Manufacturer/Supplier of the Year by the Vancouver Island Construction Association (VICA) for the second year in a row. “We are very excited and humbled to receive this award for the second straight year”, says Brian Jenkins, Owner of Longhouse Forest Products. “We are very ...
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Falcon Heights Parker Avenue

Longhouse Company & Industry Update

Nothing in our history has affected the construction industry like the ongoing pandemic. Frustrating disruptions in supply chains and the rapidly rising costs of construction materials have turned the world of building upside down. However, not all of these unforeseen circumstances arrive with negative outcomes. In fact, great change heralds ...
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