exterios for winter

Customize Your Home for Winter

As the long winter nights draw in, homeowners across Vancouver Island are preparing their homes for the prospect of spending more time indoors over the coming months. Now is the best time to make your home as cozy and comfortable as possible to help get you through the winter.

For some homeowners that means redecorating or rearranging furniture, and for others it means customizing their home with our wide range of products and services. Our team here at Longhouse can help you implement a distinctive design that optimizes both style and energy efficiency in your home. Customizing your new or existing home is exciting and there are countless options and details to help you create the perfect home for your and your family.

What can sometimes be confusing is some people believe modern design means either contemporary or traditional. However, regarding home planning it basically refers to a design fixed on minimalist style that retains function. For example, open living spaces, earthy hues, and natural materials such as cedar and stone are all vital to a modern living space.

Customizing your home to suit your preferences is easy when you bear in mind the individual elements of design.


Indoor Cedar Elements

Ceiling: All eyes will go upward when you have a gorgeous cedar ceiling inside the home. Radiating natural warmth and with well-appointed lighting, a cedar ceiling shines.

Kitchen Cabinetry: Cedar kitchen cabinets offer a distinct rustic charm in modern kitchens. They accept any colour of stain and paint easily, thereby making it a versatile wood. In addition, custom cedar cabinets look stunning in a log home. Red cedar kitchen cupboards add warmth.

Staircases and Railings: Custom cedar stairs and railings are a stunning focal point in a well-designed home. Railings can also be artfully mixed with glass and metal materials for a modern aesthetic.

Outdoor Cedar Elements 

Cedar Fence Panels: Although somewhat expensive, pre-built Cedar fencing panels look beautiful. In addition, they come in several styles to suit individual preference. Arched, flat or lattice topped, cedar fencing readily accepts any colour of stain you want for a truly customized fence for your property.

Decks and Lighting: Even though an environmentally friendly cedar deck is expensive and requires regular maintenance, it blends in superbly with nature. Be mindful natural cedar can be scraped or dented more easily than other types of deck material.

Aromatic and long-lasting, cedar decks also resist insect infestations. Constructed with landscape lighting, cedar decking creates admirable evening ambience.

Outbuildings: A charming cedar garage or garden shed looks like it belongs when thoughtfully incorporated into your landscape design. Insect and rot resistant, natural oils in cedar wood help prevent UV rays and moisture from penetrating.

Custom Shingles: The perfect choice for its natural durability and strength, cedar shingles and shakes further make for visually appealing roofs. Custom cedar shingles are exquisite for beachfront homes and rustic cottages. They also offer a certain sophistication to upscale residences. Elegant and timeless, cedar roofing has lasting character and charm.

The additional benefits of a cedar roof include longevity, strength to withstand stormy conditions, and energy efficiency as cedar has inherent insulation qualities. 

Interior & Outdoor Cedar Elements

Interior & Outdoor Cedar Elements 

Wood Timbers and Beams: Western Red Cedar timbers come available in clear or knotty grades for both interior and exterior use. Not only for structural use, cedar timbers and beams can be used to make gorgeous overhangs for entryways, gazebos, and striking window frames.

A thoughtfully customized home extends the indoor living space into the outdoors. Now you, your loved ones have multiple amazing areas to relax, entertain, and unwind. 


With our decades of experience in the forestry product industry and numerous accolades, Longhouse can provide the products and the know-how to turn your dream project into a reality. Call us toll-free at 1-800-811-2010 or email us at info@longhousecedar.com to find out more about the products and services we can provide for you.