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The Importance of LEED Certification

With the housing market seemingly hotter than ever in recent months, many homes on the market are being sold at high prices. This has kickstarted a strong push in the industry to build more homes in order to address the high demand. Homebuilding has seen plenty of changes in the past few years. Many prospective homeowners are now looking for “greener” building materials that enable a more affordable and energy efficient lifestyle. Homes built with sustainably-sourced and energy efficient materials are now more sought-after than ever before.

This style of advanced construction follows an assessment for building design and construction. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a certification program that awards four levels of certification based on a point system. Points are bestowed for energy efficiency, water usage, air quality, and building materials used, in addition for environmental factors, like access to public transportation and responsible land use.

Thankfully, there are increasingly more contractors, architects, and companies getting on board with LEED certification and all the benefits extended to both the company and the individual.



Pollutants in an unhealthy building, possibly made with toxic materials or made with inadequate ventilation, cause all kinds of respiratory illness and consequently, employee absenteeism. LEED certification standards establish minimum indoor air quality (IAQ) performance. A healthy workplace thereby promotes healthy productivity and well-being of employees.

Another element of a LEED certified build is the use of natural light. Those working in commercial buildings with natural light are more effective and experience improved quality of sleep at night. Incorporating natural light into offices and commercial buildings also provides an attractive, bright place to conduct business.

Tenants benefit from reduced living expenses when they invest in a LEED certified build. Savings are achieved through reduced energy and water costs, as well as reduced water and energy consumption with energy efficient appliances.

A LEED certified build retains a higher property value over time than one without. Tax credits may be available in certain cases. Many LEED builds are made with natural, sustainable building material like our line of cedar products, sourced from right here on Vancouver Island.

At Longhouse Specialty Forest Products we believe product quality is more important than quantity. Our products are locally sourced and have been certified for sustainability by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)® since 2007.

Many prospective homeowners are eager to live in sustainable homes. At Longhouse we continue to be involved and supportive of LEED certified projects worldwide and we are passionate about combining high-quality locally-sourced products with excellent customer service.

Longhouse Forest Products also belongs to the Living Building Challenge Foundation and Passive House Canada, through which we continue our commitment to helping design and build energy-efficient and affordable homes for Canadians.

With our decades of experience in the forestry product industry and numerous accolades, Longhouse can provide the products and the know-how to turn your dream project into a reality. Call us toll-free at 1-800-811-2010 or email us at info@longhousecedar.com to find out more about the products and services we can provide for you.