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Warm Up this Winter

Scroll anywhere through social media and you’re likely to see cozy photos of log cabins nestled amidst stunning natural backdrops. Majestic mountains, crystal lakes, and an inviting cabin with smoke drifting lazily from the chimney—who wouldn’t happily walk into that shot? Undoubtedly, a log cabin is attractive to any outdoor enthusiast. A fisher can envision fishing in a nearby stream, retiring at day’s end to cook his or her catch over a sizzling BBQ on the cedar deck. A couple of hikers can envision an intimate getaway snuggled before a roaring fire in a remote cabin. And a day of snowshoeing with a welcoming cedar cabin to relax in at day’s end is certainly tempting. Just what is the mystery that makes a log cabin seem so warm and appealing?


A log cabin seems to deliver us back to a simpler time when people lived off the land, close to nature. With only birds and other critters filling the air, as opposed to traffic and construction, it’s easy to unplug at a cabin, especially without WiFi. In addition, chopping wood for the wood heater inside a cabin gives us a natural workout and a satisfying sense of accomplishment. We’re making sure our family and friends are warm and toasty. Then we feel we’ve earned downtime in front of an aromatic, blazing fire.


One of the main features of a cedar cabin is its organic red and yellow tones in the knotty planks. The warm earth and honey tones of cedar radiate warmth and comfort. Warm wood tones simply offer a comforting ambience and go hand-in-hand with cabin life. The light hues of cedar look great even when its storming outside. But cedar also warms to a rich honey hue as the sun shines.


Secondly, there is no denying the appeal of cedar left in its natural state. Not only does it not require pre-staining, but cedar remains durable left untouched. Cedar’s texture also effortlessly blends in with natural surroundings. Combine that with the intoxicating aroma, both indoors and out, and it’s easy to see why a log cabin makes us feel instantly relaxed. Normally, a wood cabin also offers stunning views of nature. Instead of hanging artwork, all we need to do is glance out a window to watch nature unfold before our eyes.


A Western Red Cedar cabin is naturally resistant to invasive insects and decay. Homeowners can relax knowing that a cabin made from cedar will last longer and require less maintenance than other types of wood. It weathers beautifully over time as well, retaining its natural charm. Cedar’s versatility and affordability also give us the warm and cozy feels. Western Red Cedar is ideal for absorbing an amazing range of gorgeous finishes. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase the unique and sensual wood grain of cedar. Cedar is also blessedly biodegradable and renewably sourced. And instead of increasing air pollution, cedar removes greenhouses gases from the atmosphere. Life in a log cabin makes for a happy heart and a healthy mind. Once you’ve discovered the spot for your cabin, contact Longhouse. Our cedar experts can help your cabin dreams come true.

Ten Benefits of a Cedar Deck

The major ingredient of building a new deck is deciding which decking material to use. While every building material has its pros and cons, you should ideally select the material that suits your particular lifestyle and seamlessly matches your home design. Although Cedar wood decking can be pricey, it offers significant benefits to any renovation or new build. And with routine maintenance, a cedar deck maintains its warm colour and finish for a long time.
  1. Cedar is popular and aesthetically pleasing in all modern builds. A stunning cedar deck is an attractive selling feature and will hold its resale value when listing a home.
  2. Cedar decking won’t warp and split in a high moisture atmosphere like several other decking materials since it naturally repels moisture.
  3. Additionally, Cedar softwood is naturally resistant to insects and rot; therefore, it doesn’t require potentially toxic chemical treatments.
  4. Cedar decking requires less maintenance than certain other decking materials, an advantage to busy homeowners.
  5. The distinctive colour and look of cedar offers a pleasing atmosphere in which to relax and blends in exquisitely with nature.
  6. The aroma of Cedar is truly amazing—much nicer than many man-made decking materials.
  7. Homeowners and builders have the option of staining cedar in any colour of their choice, making it ideal to match with an existing building.
  8. Cedar can be left in its natural state and does not require pre-staining. Homeowners who appreciate the natural aesthetic will be pleased with the rustic appearance of an unstained cedar deck.
  9. Resistant to extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions, property owners can rest easy knowing the durable cedar deck will still look great over the years with regular maintenance.
  10. The variety of grades in cedar decking boards provide a distinct look that will be unique to each build and not look like anyone else’s deck.
Cedar wood is timeless and organically beautiful with a pleasing scent of the great outdoors. The advantages of a Cedar deck are clear and that’s why homeowners and professionals often choose it over and over again. Undoubtedly, a gorgeous cedar deck will deliver years of enjoyment to you and your family and friends in your outdoor living space. Contact Longhouse today to get started.

The Advantages of Fire Treated Wood

When it comes time to decide what type of material to build with, architects and homebuilders often choose wood mainly because of its aesthetically pleasing look and adaptability in design. Thereafter, they must decide whether or not to purchase fire treated lumber for a project. Undeniably, wood is a naturally beautiful raw material with versatility; therefore, its widely used throughout the world in modern builds. FRTW, or Fire Retardant Treated Wood, is the chemical solution applied for this specific treatment. FRTW is an excellent technique that decreases the chance of a fire burning an entire building. Furthermore, using this type of lumber can help builders surmount restrictions by safety requirements and regulations in regards to potential fire hazards. Wood is a sustainable option in building material and using FRTW makes it a safe, modern choice. Furthermore, there are a number of advantages to selecting lumber processed in this manner.

Advantages of Fire Treated Wood

  • FRTW can be safely used in both interior (inclusive of humid interiors) and exterior builds.
  • Expenditures may also decrease since there will be no need for a sprinkler system in some cases.
  • The smoke impact is substantially reduced when fire treated wood is ignited. 
  • The chemicals used in the process are water-based and non-toxic.
  • Fire treated wood maintains its structural integrity at higher temperatures than steel.
  • Fire Retardant Treated Wood further reduces the speed of combustion by reducing flame travel rate.
  • The costs of FRTW are similar to pre-stained lumber.
  • The treatment lasts as long as the building.
  • Working with this treated wood allows for greater flexibility in designing a building for the architects in possible fire hazard zones.
  • Typical end uses encompass a variety of possiblities: roofing shingles, roof construction, internal wall and ceiling linings, and even scaffolding.
  • FRTW is manufactured in Canada with the utmost of integrity. Therefore, manufacturers are fully supportive of the product.
  • FRTW offers job site convenience in that the wood can be crosscut to length and drilled for holes after treatment, without a loss of its effectiveness.
  • The treatment is not considered hazardous so there need not be any further safeguards taken when working with the material other than the usual dust masks and eye goggle protection.
  • A home or building constructed using fire retardant treated wood will hold its resale value.
Longhouse applies the correct type of fire treatment to lumber in their facility to Canada’s building codes and standards. This allows a wide range of Fire Retardant Treated Wood based products to comply with stringent regulations. Builders choose wood as a renewable, sustainable choice that is also energy efficient to harvest. With over twenty years of experience in applying fire retardant treatments, we have the expertise clients trust.
Benefits of Building with Cedar

Benefits of Building with Cedar

Longhouse Specialty Forest Products

Cedar trees grow where the weather is damp. Due to the destructive nature of fungus, microorganisms and insects in these conditions, cedar trees have developed self-protective qualities which allows the cedar trees to fend off insects, rots and temperature related stresses. It’s because of this inherent ability that cedar wood is extremely valued in areas where humidity, temperature and cracking problems can occur.

Unlike other types of wood, cedar will not warp due to moisture due to its remarkable dimensional stability. Meaning, that despite weather, humidity or temperature conditions, cedar wood doesn’t change its size or dimension, making it perfect for house siding. And being a light, porous type of wood, cedar can also absorb noise, which can be beneficial when used as fencing or siding. The oil within the wood emits an earthy, woodsy and slightly sweet scent which not only enhances the atmosphere in and around your home, but also helps to keep moths and other insects at bay making it a popular choice for around hot tubs and saunas.

Benefits of Building with Cedar

Building with cedar wood is also environmentally friendly as it’s actually more environmentally superior to synthetic products. It has a negative greenhouse gas effect, meaning it actually removes these gasses from the atmosphere, and it’s renewable and biodegradable. The unique tones and patterns of cedar make it a popular choice for adding a warm, durable, natural beauty to the exterior of homes as siding, eaves, decking, soffits and fascia. Cedar doesn’t have to be stained because of its inherent qualities, but in most cases pre-stained is recommended, making it great for any type of home.

The aesthetics of cedar wood, especially the colouring of the Western Red Cedar which is rich with crisp colours and tonal properties can magically transform outdoor spaces, liven up home décor, and inspire innovative architectural designs. Great for adding light and warmth to any area, cedar comes in a smooth or knotty variety. Each variety has its own characteristics giving it its own natural and distinct signature.

The many benefits of building with cedar wood goes back centuries with the native peoples of the Pacific Northwest. Today, more and more discerning architects and builders are enhancing their projects with this beautiful and sustainable resource. No man-made product can match the beauty, performance and longevity of cedar. It seems nature still knows best despite all efforts at imitation.