Benefits of Using Natural Wood For Interior And Exterior Trim

What Will 2020 Bring?

Regardless of the unfortunate mill closures across BC in 2019, we’re heading into an exciting new decade in the forestry industry. Longhouse Specialty Forest Products remains positive and dedicated in offering renewable and sustainable cedar to clients both local and around the world.

Since custom cut cedar and stained cedar is our specialty, we are optimistic about what is to come in 2020. Indeed, the spirit and warmth of cedar trees endures for builders and homeowners everywhere. Therefore, the following are bound to be defining factors for 2020 in the cedar industry.

Cedar Trends for 2020

  • Red Cedar Siding (our specialty) remains a stunning exterior wood choice in 2020. Cedar’s naturally vivid, red colour warms and relaxes. Cedar also withstands the extreme weather we presently experience because of climate change.
  • Longhouse continues to offer pre-staining onsite, a huge advantage we have over our competitors. We conveniently pre-stain shingles, trim, siding, decking, and fencing.
  • Cedar is often the preferred choice in home spas. A cedar sauna and cedar furniture smell amazing and offer that spa-like atmosphere right at home for the year ahead.
  • Natural wood tones seem to be making a comeback in 2020. The lighter shades of cedar decking are classically attractive. Organic brown tones will make a timely return in 2020.
  • Garden zoning decks will continue to increase in popularity in 2020. The options of creating designated zones and naturally blending multiple materials into deck design can be appealing if homeowners are undecided between a deck and a patio.
  • Fire-Retardant Treated Wood remains an important option for safety in 2020 and Longhouse can do it.
  • The Green Initiative remains an environmental option in 2020, and we manufacture timbers and beams, soffits, fascia, siding, and decking in accordance.

New Projects

  • The amazing Green Point Project ( remains ongoing, in partnership with our company. Located in Cowichan Bay, dedicated workers are rebuilding an historical building to Passive House and Living Building Challenge
  • Longhouse continues to offer LEED certified excellence for green building to new projects worldwide.
  • Eco-friendly siding remains a hot trend in the new decade. Locally sourced cedar is right on-trend with upcoming commercial and residential builds.

Undeniably, Cedar Softwood remains a popular building material, as surely as protecting our environment remains important to Canadians and anyone who cherishes our ecosystems. Recyclable and biodegradable cedar also provides superior insulation, thus reducing energy costs as well.

Longhouse continues to provide excellence in forestry expertise well into 2020. It is our belief that we’re the best choice going forward. Join us in traveling into a brighter, more sustainable future around the globe.