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The Longhouse Difference


As a family-owned company since 1985, at Longhouse Specialty Forest Products we’re proud to be deeply embedded in the Parksville and wider Vancouver Island community. As long-time Vancouver Island residents, we’re dedicated to providing the best quality wood products on the market while doing our part to ensure the sustainability of our iconic temperate rainforests.


The Jenkins family has lived on Vancouver Island since the 1920s, and has been in the industry for decades since. Located near the picturesque town of Parksville in Central Vancouver Island, our products have been used in builds across Canada and as far away as St. Petersburg in Russia and beyond. We are able to distribute our products directly to clients almost anywhere in the world, and thanks to our production process we are able to have direct control over the quality of each and every product we sell. We only sell products that we would feel confident in using ourselves in our homes, meaning that our clients can shop knowing that we sell products of only the highest quality.


longhouse building
We’re proud to have supplied many of our products for the construction of this award-winning apartment building located in Victoria, BC.


In addition to ensuring the highest standards of quality, our production process also enables us to offer our products at a budget-friendly price. Every phase of manufacturing takes place in our facility, meaning that the costs associated with transportation and middlemen are significantly reduced. From custom millwork to custom coatings and kiln-firing, all the work is completed at our Parksville site. We also offer a wide variety of fire-retardant treated products, useful for homeowners and builders with fire safety concerns.


the longhouse difference
Longhouse Forest Products has been awarded Manufacturer/Supplier of the Year by the Vancouver Island Construction Association (VICA) for both 2019 and 2020.


The final process of our production process—pre-staining—provides significant advantages for our clients. Few other companies are able to offer such a wide variety of products with access to strong supply lines as we are able to do. By avoiding paying middlemen at different stages of production, we are able to manufacture our products at cost – translating into very competitive prices for our clients.


At Longhouse Specialty Forest Products we are proud to maintain FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)® certification by the Rainforest Alliance since 2007. As a consumer, when you purchase FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)® certified wood products, you can rest assured that the wood is sourced from forests that have been certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)® for sustainability. We are also proud to be a member of a number of other sustainability and homebuilding organizations, including the Victoria Residential Building Association, the Canada Green Building Council, the Greater Vancouver Home Building Association and the South Island Woodlot Association.


longhouse building
Our products form an integral part of buildings across all shapes and sizes, including this modern apartment building design.


The forests of Vancouver Island provide some of the highest-grade softwood timber in the world. Although we specialize in Western Red Cedar, at Longhouse we also work with interior and coastal softwoods, such as yellow cypress (cedar), Douglas-fir, Pacific Coast hemlock, and spruce pine fir. Specialty products manufactured by our team include custom cut yellow cedar decking, solid wood flooring, cedar fascia and soffits, different varieties of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)® certified cedar siding—both sourced from Vancouver Island’s coastal rainforests, Japanese grade spruce siding, white oak flooring, and Douglas Fir products (flooring, timbers, and beams).


Longhouse Forest Products has been awarded Manufacturer/Supplier of the Year by the Vancouver Island Construction Association (VICA) for two years running, in both 2019 and 2020.


With our decades of experience in the forestry product industry and numerous accolades, Longhouse can provide the products and the know-how to turn your dream project into a reality. Call us toll-free at 1-800-811-2010 or email us at info@longhousecedar.com to find out more about the products and services we can provide for you.